Formations | mr043


We are kicking off 2022 with the release of up and coming Norwegian composer and pianist Julia Gjertsen's sophomore LP Formations. The collection of 10 beautiful, texture filled ambient pieces finds her weaving her signature stacks of piano & synth layers with the atmospheric stylings of Australian flautist Rowan Hamwood. The record is at once dense but delicate, with Gjertsen expertly oscillating between catchy, beat driven hooks and slow motion soundscapes that cause us to lose track of time. Describing this as a representation of the 'back and forth' we experience when considering big ideas, Gjertsen shows that she's not afraid to tackle deep subject matter: "Formations is about how things take form, musically and in our lives - what forms our personalities, who we become... how everything in our lives forms and evolves."
Julia Gjertsen
Julia Gjertsen began playing piano at the age of 7. She then studied music in high school and in a 2 year Music Design program in Oslo. She worked on music and sound projects with contemporary dancers, and released her first ambient piano EP ‘Slow Motion Stories’ in 2012.