Piotr Wiese

Piotr Wiese (born 17 October 1989 in Lipka) is an acclaimed Polish composer, pianist and producer, who focuses on modern-classical, instrumental piano music. He started playing the piano at the tender age of 8, and composed his first miniatures as a teenager. Ever fascinated with classical music, Piotr started a long journey of studying the higher language of music, through his beloved keyboarded instrument at the Institute Of Music and the Academy Of Music in Poland. Later on, he moved to Berlin and began to work on his debut album released independently in 2014. His ever growing passion for music soon led him to the UK, where he obtained a Master's Degree in Composition (2017) from the University of Bristol, and soon after his repatriation in Poland the following year, Piotr, released his first-ever full length solo piano album 'Continuum'. Always looking for new projects to indulge his passion with, he went on to compose for film and theatre, while at the same time, like a genuine musical powerhouse, found the time to release a series of successful singles and records for the piano. We began releasing together with his EP 'Coming Home' in the spring of 2022, followed by the electronic/ambient split single 'Idiopáthē' and the solo piano LP 'I Will Keep Sailing' (fall 2023).


Coming Home

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